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Raccoon - This is what took our chicken a few days ago

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We caught the 'something' that dug under the chicken pen and took one of our chickens the other day. A few days back we noticed a bunch of feathers in the chicken pen and a missing chicken. Upon closer inspection we also noticed the chicken wire was dug loose in a couple locations (the entry point and the exit point).

So in order to secure the pen more we added a skirting of chicken wire all around the bottom of the pen and dug it into the soil about 8 inches or so. We also flared it out away from the pen to discourage any further digging from the outside. We also set up the box trap with some peanut butter and corn as bait. Sure enough, the night we set it up the raccoon stopped by. He didn't get in the pen this time but he did find his way into the box trap.

The Backyard Coop

This is the backyard chicken coop before we got our latest flock. It was approaching 10 years old when this picture was taken and could use a fresh coat of paint. It was built from recycled 2x4's and siding. The coop was designed to hold up to 6-8 birds. Below are some notes worth pointing out.