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Turkeys scoping out the garden

Today (5/27/11) we spotted 8 turkeys in the back yard scoping out our newly planted vegetable garden. They look like good size birds (guessing 15 lbs or so). They were eating the small green berries on one of our blueberry bushes - not good. We're going to have to come up with a strategy to keep them out otherwise they're going decimate our fruits and veggies.

The homemade box trap

click to enlarge

We finally caught a critter in the box trap we built a couple weeks ago. We built the trap after seeing a groundhog foraging near the garden. This morning, looking out the house window, we noticed the trap was triggered and we saw a white pointy face looking out the screen side. It's not a groundhog, it's a possum. click to enlargeThese are night creatures (that's probably why it was yawning). The good news is the trap works, the bad news is there's still at least one groundhog still out there.

We baited the trap with left over apple cores, banana peels, and other old fruit and vegetables. When we approached the trap it was huddled in the corner so the picture is not very good. It rained hard last night also, so it's wet.
click to enlargeThey are pretty ugly looking things aren't they? Click on the image to see a close-up. We'll relocate it ASAP.